Back in Indiana

Well, it has been a long silence here. Since our last posts in 2014, we have had an adventurous life, mostly while living and working in West Africa with Pioneer Bible Translators. We have been learning a local language, called Pular. It is spoken by a nomadic group of herdsmen, a segment of whom have settled in the area in which we work.

We, along with our teammates, are working on developing a Sports Center in a city about three hours from the capital city of our host country. Our teammates have already run sports clinics for basketball all over the country, and their dream has been to have a site all their own, where they can control not only the sport played and things taught, but also some difficult things like whom is permitted to watch and be surrounding the courts during clinics. I am focusing some on teaching, and some on holding clinics for soccer (as my colleague does for basketball).

Our family now resides at The Ark Christian Ministries, located in Converse, Indiana. The Ark hosts missionaries for the summer, where we will have an opportunity to share about our work with Pioneer Bible Translators, and specifically what role Sports Ministry plays in a translation-based work. Is your interest peaked? Do you have more questions about our work? Leave a comment, and we will get in touch.

Hopefully, I will get back into a groove where I can write something cool that our family did, something amazing God did, or just a cool story from the last week. Until next time…

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