Standing in awe

Standing in awe…

8 months. 8 unbelievable months have flown by since we have arrived in France. We were able to celebrate both the coming of Bart’s birthday, and the coming of our 8 month marker by a visit from Bart’s parents. Bruce and Pamie arrived on the 21st of September. We celebrated Bart’s birthday a day early with some yummy cinnamon cake, and an unloading of a suitcase full of blessings, including Christmas presents for the kids. We travelled together, and rested together, and in truth it was an extraordinary week. Tomorrow they leave to head back to America, and the crazy ball of activities we have starts rolling again!

We had the opportunity of sorting through and arranging our supporter information while our forwarding agent was here! We were again, completely amazed by the regular support we receive and the love that has been shown. It is empowering to see people’s hearts impassioned for the calling God has placed on our lives. Thank you. Thank you so much.

We have some prayer request friends! We begin the cycle of vaccinations, as well as the coming of baby and the many travel plans. We also need to pack and sort a house, as well as to love on our teammates Eric and Melissa, before they leave France! We have A LOT of paperwork, phone calls to supporters and connections to make with individuals before we leave for America. We also have 2 beautiful kiddos who have gotten very used to French culture. They love going to all of the playgrounds, and meeting people. They love riding in the front of the metro, and swinging on the metro poles. Yet mostly, they love the people we have connected with. They will not see most of them for a very long time. Lucas has teachers, friends at school now, we have friends from church. People who have invested in our lives, encouraged us through prayer and stood by us as we struggled to speak their language. Lucas is old enough to remember many of the people we love in America too, while Hosanna has spent most of her formative time here in France. Also, a month before we leave, we are having our 3rd child! Our kids have so much to adapt to, as well as two parents who have a ton to adapt to. Please continue to pray for these things!!!


For the good connections we’ve been making with our supporting churches for our time in the states.

For how extraordinary God has been in leading us through this culture

For the progress we are making (slowly but surely!) in such a difficult language

For the ways our team has been challenged and grown during this time



For continued peace and wisdom as we seek God in this time of decisions

For connections to be made with churches and individuals while we are in the US

For comfort for the kids especially as we begin to transition out of this culture, and in to 2 other cultures in the next 7 months (The USA and West Africa)

For the birth of baby in December

That we would effectively fill out all necessary paperwork and doctors appointments

That our travels would happen without incident

For our time with grandparents and family, as they cherish our kiddos and love on them, as well as say goodbye.

Again, thank you for praying,



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