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Life is change…change is good.

Life is change…Change is good.                                                  

 Even when it doesn’t happen like you think it should.

One of the coolest parts of being a missionary wife is the powerful way I get to see our calling impact my family. I have seen my children’s endless love, sourced from Christ. I have watched people’s hearts grow with the story of God’s call on our lives. I have seen lives changed from the story of people around the world who still don’t have a Bible. God has empowered us through you my friends. I mean it literally when I write “We are excited to take you to Africa with us” on our thank you cards. One of my favorite “Perks” is watching Bart preach. I love hearing him surrender his words to Jesus before he preaches and then just watching God move however He sees fit. A favorite sermon of ours is “Life is Change, Change is good, even when it doesn’t happen like you think it should.” Oh friends….is our life ever changing.

When a boat of missionaries were leaving a small village in Papua New Guinea after a week of language evaluation they were followed by a national. In his own pidgin tongue he began asking the missionary “When can we have it? When can we read what you’ve told us? When will you be back?” The missionary new that they were out of supplies and that they would have to refuel. It could take 2 weeks before they returned or maybe longer. The nationals’ eyes were eager, anticipating an answer.  “If there were more of us, we could come back sooner, but we will come back.” His eyes dropped to his feet. “You have come a long way. We are such a small people.” The missionary eagerly explained to the national that there were people all around the world praying for him, and that though he came from a small people group, his value to God was so much bigger. It was a bittersweet departure, but the value of the power of prayer is priceless. The power that your prayers have is beyond our understanding. Bart and I feel it. We feel it when we are exhausted from bouncing from house to house. We feel it when crazy things happen, when our kids are in pieces, and so are our hearts, we feel it when we rejoice over small and big successes, when we’re missing our teammates, and we will feel it when we move to France and begin language training.

As of right now, we are eagerly awaiting news on our Visas. Because of the frigid temperature drops, not to mention 2 different Holidays after our appointment in Chicago, we are having a hard time getting a hold of the French Consulate due to some closures. We want to inquiry if there is anything that we can do to help this process. We have all of our kids clothes packed into one suitcase, and have a small carry-on of our stuff that we are using as we travel back and forth from family to family. We moved out of the Ben Davis Blessing House on the 11th and spent some time in Converse sorting through our stuff and visiting with Bart’s grandparents, parents and some close friends. We drove down on Thursday to Paoli to visit more extended family and learned early Friday morning that Bart’s grandpa had died in his sleep. We thank you all for your prayers during this crazy time of grieving and transitioning.  We know that Pop is completely healed, and praising our Lord in Heaven, but we continue to process through this with God’s grace.

The following Saturday we drove too my parent’s home and attended church at Fountain City Wesleyan Church. We spent some time with my grandparents and my family. Bart left Wednesday the 21st (yesterday) for Converse to help with some needed wood cutting at Rainbow Christian Camp where he was raised. When our Visas arrive we will buy our plane tickets. God has made all of this happen in His time and has given us no reason to believe that He will not allow us to fly out on the 28th as we have been planning. We do have A LOT of packing to do between now and then, as well as many visits with many people to say goodbye.

Again, I tell you, we feel your love everywhere we go, because it is the love of the Father that has been given to you through His son on the cross, and has redeemed us from our agonizing fate. It is this love that empowers us to go and spread the story of salvation. Please continue to pray for us and our families as they are also preparing to have us move across the world! Also pray for our teammates to have continued grace and success in their French language learning.

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