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One-day giving opportunity, today ONLY!

Dear friends,

Today we have a chance to give above and beyond what our money says,  the North Texas giving day. Your dollars go further today, September 19, 2013! Please click the link below and give to our ministry with Pioneer Bible Translators. Gifts of $25 and more TODAY ONLY will be matched up to 8%, but you must give through this special website.   Make sure to include “to the ministry of Bart & Andi Cameron” in the notes field when you give. Thank you!

Thank you for being part of the vital support system of our family as we journey with God on our way to West Africa. If you have any questions please feel free to write to or call us at (765) 506-4413. Thanks again!


Where in the World are Bart & Andi Cameron?

Hello friends!!! We are so glad to share that we have been calling and visiting people, connecting and sharing about what God is doing in our lives. We have people joining us financially, long term with monthly donations, and we have those giving one time gifts and all of this is surrounded by people’s prayers. We want to share with you a unique opportunity to support us! On Thursday, September 19, the North Texas Giving Day offers a special matching donation program. For Pioneer Bible Translators, our office is in Dallas, so our donors can be located anywhere in the world and still give on this special day. Every donation will be matched, up to 8%, for any donation given. That means everyone’s gift is worth more! All of these donations MUST be given online, and we will not be given the website until Thursday morning at around 7 am. We will post the website on Facebook, and we also have a list of people who want the web address texted to their mobile phones. If you are interested but wish to just leave a comment here, we will post the website on our blog Thursday morning.

I was cruising YouTube for a segment from the old television show (Back before dish and streaming) “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”  On this show, a cartoon antagonist is created and wreaks some very unusual havoc on a specific place. For example, said antagonist might steal all the lions from the Indianapolis Zoo, or something of the sort. Three kids are chosen who have some geographical knowledge and represent different parts of the world. These kids get to help catch the antagonist by answering different clues about where the “bad guy” is hiding out. The host leads them through several games that each gives them a clue. I loved this show when I was a kid. So why am I bringing up the 90’s?

Two reasons. First, when we get to West Africa it will be like going back in time in some ways. Some places we will be might have WiFi but no electricity outside of a generator. While we are in West Africa, we will wash clothes with a washboard and a tub of water. We won’t have television; though on special occasions we might have a movie night from DVD’s we watch on the computer.  Also, like this show, our previous experiences will have a huge impact on our ability to transition. The kids on the show were not your average kids. They had studied big time, and had a knowledge far exceeding that of my 8 year old brain. We have studied books, people, and even blogs of those who have gone before us. We have allowed mentors to challenge our methods of interaction with everything from speaking to individuals, to speaking to churches, even to posting things on Facebook. We have had friends drill us with questions so that when we are put on the spot we have confidence in the answers we give.

Second, this show makes me think of what it might seem like we are doing. Sometimes people ask us questions about how our vacations go…meaning our visits with churches, and are curious about what we do all day. We definitely do not have the average American day. Now that both of us have finished classes, one is usually with the kids while the other hosts meetings, calls individuals and churches, organizes to-do lists for the smaller things like vaccines and oil changes and sends thank-you cards, writes newsletters and even blogs.

To give a little personal insight into our lives, most of the last two days we have been trying to organize shipping and storing things, and getting our technology updated. We have also begun to buy clothes for our kids for next year, because we were told that there are very few inexpensive clothing places in France. All of our lives MUST fit into small boxes. We have things that we will take to France, things that will be shipped to West Africa, and a small number of things (such as our wedding photo album) that will stay here. As of last June I could fit all of my clothing for every season into 1 suitcase. In a way, we are vagabonds, adventurers eagerly awaiting the next step of our life. Yet, usually, we are embracing the scriptures that say “Fear Not…”, because with the unfamiliar comes trepidation.

In one week we will be heading to Florida for a support raising trip. Yep, another “vacation”, only this one will lead us through Tampa, St. Petersburg, Largo, Lake Wales, Deland, Lake Butler, Keystone Heights, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Melbourne, and Sarasota. We will be in 10 places in 2 weeks and would love to make a connection with you if you live in Florida. (email or call/text, see below). We are blessed by this opportunity to visit with many different people. Would you please take this opportunity to pray for us?

  • Pray that we would have Holy Spirit filled adventurous
  • That our paths would cross with many people interested in supporting us
  • That we would have clear communication with our supporters and others who are curious of what we are doing.
  • That our kids would enjoy this time, and have peace during travel.

We can walk you through regular donations via scheduled electronic bank transfer (monthly EBT), check, debit/credit (available automatically), or cash. There is a special process necessary if you would like to receive tax deductions for those gifts.

Thank you friends!! We are so grateful to have you with us on this journey. We are so eager to see this place to which God is leading us. If you would like to come on board, and support us financially, prayerfully, or by joining our West Africa team, please contact us @

Bart’s cell (765) 506-4413

or mail us at : 3510 N 1000 W 27                                                                                                                  Converse, IN 46919

Come back soon to see where the Camerons go next, and look back here for the unique website where you can donate and have your one-time gift be worth more! Coming Thursday morning!