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Fall & Winter summary

Hello Friends & Family!

Sincerest of apologies on our lack of posts, here is what we have been up to in the last year!

  • Living in Converse, Indiana.
  • Bart  works as an EMT at Duke’s Hospital in Peru, Indiana.
  • Andi has worked at the Converse Post Office doing housekeeping, but just had her last day on Friday, April 27.
  • Construction has been completed adding a two story house onto Bart’s grandparents house (Rod and Bev Cameron). This was done so that Bart’s sister and brother in law (Beth & Josh Mast) could move in and the family could care for each other easier and be more available to each other as needs arise. Bart was helping with basic construction for what we affectionately call “The Mast Complex”. By the grace of God they moved in last week.
  • We became pregnant in August, and are due the second week in May with baby number 2.
  • We have signed on with Pioneer Bible Translators, who are based in Dallas, Texas. We plan to move to Texas in August for training to do Scripture Impact work in West Africa. We will spend time in France first so that we can learn French well (The trade language of most of West Africa).
  • We are beginning to build partnerships for this work, and are in need of prayer and finances to make it happen.

     That is our life right now, in bullet points. We are amazed at the doors God has opened for us with Pioneer Bible Translators (aka PBT).  We have full support from our family and so many friends. PBT recently redeveloped a missions program with Johnson University (JU), previously Johnson Bible College. The program, from what we understand, will help train missionaries that have signed on with PBT to complete their training through JU (undergraduate and graduate), and do most of their classes online! It’s an amazing partnership and we are excited to see the outcome.

     On days like today, when we awoke to thunder and the power of God evident through His replenishment, it is easy to praise and rejoice at this season. We are constantly grateful for the opportunity we have had to be close to both of our families during this time, and for the ways we have been blessed. We know that there are many challenges ahead of us. We have been promised in scripture that the road we are taking is not easy. Yet a fire is burning in us to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are too many places left in the world without the Bible.

     A few nights ago we were discussing all of the interesting hurdles God has led us over in our marriage. We were blessed to have a date night, and went out for pizza and a movie. After the movie we came home and took the baby walkie-talkie out to the trampoline. We were throwing around theories and asking “I wonder” questions about God…such as…”Why did He put the stars where they are?” when the subject turned to our marriage. We came to realize that logically, if we had not both loved Christ, we would not have survived our first 2 years of marriage. Christ held us together, and now we are bound to each other. We are a team. I am sharing this with you as an encouragement. God has not called us to “Easy”, but He has called us to die to ourselves, and the refining that takes place after, is the most purifying and beautiful part of our walk here on earth.

Thank you for getting on board with us on this adventure.