Monthly Archives: September 2011

Summer summary

The summer has been rather eventful. I apologize for not updating more recently. My family has kept busy working and spending time wih our families.

I still work at Dukes hospital in Peru as an EMT. I am still learning about how to function in a hospital setting. That education is good for me for the rest of my life.

My wife Andi is still a regular worker at the Converse Post Office. She is also filling in sometimes at the day care at Rainbow Christian Camp. And she is doing a great job raising our son, Lucas. He is a strong little boy who enjoys walking now. He looks cute in his little shoes.

Andi & I had some time without him two weeks ago. We took some time off from everything to go camping in eastern Kentucky. We hiked & swam in a river & relaxed with Lucas at his Papaw & Nana’s in Converse. He went wih us for the first half of our trip to Knoxville, TN. We towed a trailer there helping Andi’s brother & sister-in-law moved in to Johnson University. After that we met Andi’s parents in Lexington & they took Lucas to Richmond, IN where my dad took him to Converse.

We are still seeking God about what to do with our Intercultural Studies degrees & where to go for our next step. Please join us in asking God to lead & helping us make a wise decision. Thanks for reading up on us!