Monthly Archives: May 2011

New stages of life

It’s been a while since I have written. Much has changed in the few weeks. As far as family things, my son can stand up for a few seconds on his own & that is exciting! Also, Andi got a job at the Converse Post Office doing their daily cleaning. It’s something she needs…something to get her out of the house and let her be part of the community around her. She seems to enjoy it, especially when she gets to meet new people. She’s also good at cleaning.

I also have had a change. I still maintain my part-time work with cabinets. When I do that, I cover Converse Ambulance. But my new priority job is with Dukes Memorial Hospital. I am now being paid to work in Peru, IN in their Emergency Department. Our primary focus is responding to 911 calls in Peru and in all of Miami County. When we are not busy we can also assist in the ER, because our office is alongside the nurse’s station in the ER. It’s been a good experience thus far; today was my last day as an orientee. That means I can cover shifts without being someone’s shadow…just me and one partner. I’m excited about it, but it also gives me more chances to think.

I watch the people we bring in and try to imagine what their life is like now that they are in the ER. I have to spend off-duty time thinking and processing, because some of the people I just can’t understand. I’m still processing why people let certain things happen to them or do certain things to themselves. I’m learning…hope you are too.