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This is Andi. I am almost always the one who writes our blogs. I am beginning to realize that most of our supporters, and prayer partners know Bart, or have known him for most of his life. Not many know me. Not this blog could ever actually give you even a glimpse of the crazy and wonderful things God has led me through. Still, I thought it was worth the moment. I can more easily  get discouraged by people’s word’s than I could a physical impairment…until I re-realize how ridiculous those words are if they aren’t from Christ. Then the ferocity can appear and my drive will compel me to go harder.

I am an emotional person. Anyone who knows me, knows this. I am a thriving optimist in almost any situation, and though I have been told by some (who don’t know me as well as they pretend) that I am insecure, I am a fierce fighter. When I love someone, neither Hell nor high water could keep me from protecting them.  I love people tremendously. All people. This is some of how I came to know God was leading, and at times demanding, that I go overseas. I don’t know a stranger, and skin color only makes you more interesting….especially if it’s not mine. Don’t get me started on accents, or the hundreds of reasons why I SHOULDN’T like someone (Such as creed, color, life preferences and such).  This will only make me want to be your friend even more. I believe in the all consuming love of Jesus, and I have firm faith in the Word of God.

I have always struggled in a formal school setting. Seriously. It’s just not how I learn. If you could make it social, or musical, I could most likely remember it forever.

I am very competitive. I love…love…love to exercise. I love to dance (SHH!). I also love kids. When I was a kid I told my mom that I would never get married, but that I wanted to own a mansion and adopt A TON of kids. Because that’s a measurable amount right? I wanted to be the one to tell kids how valuable they are, and how much they are loved. I was raised in the city, but spent every possible moment outside, in the trees behind our house or at one of my aunts houses in the fields. I was raised in Indiana, and our city was surrounded by corn farmers and some Amish. I would love to write a novel one day. I truly have story lines going through my head all of my week.  Though Jesus wasn’t always the first love of my life, He is now, and that’s what matters. The rest is what falls into the testimony category, and that’s something I like to do face to face.

I graduated from Johnson Bible College with my Associates in Intercultural Studies. I had a lot of Credits and still would love to get my BA or BS.  This was during the beginning of their start of their transition to Johnson University, and their joining with Pioneer Bible Translators. We had already signed on with PBT, and we continue to rejoice in the way God is leading us with this amazing organization.

I really love reading and FINALLY, after my post-college brain purge, began reading more than Non-Fiction, (mostly Christian…and I have been known to vanish in a good murder mystery or modern day romance) such as books on parenting, growing in my walk with Christ, or loving my husband better. I would love to say I have plans of becoming a clean-eater and now that we are in France I eat only organic…but in truth….Oreos and I have a lot of good memories and it is super hard to plan for organics when adjusting to a new culture.

This is the most random blog ever, but tonight as God lets me hear His thunder and watch an extraordinary sunset, I was really encouraged. I was encouraged because God rejoices in who I am, and He has filled me with purpose. I hope that you know how much He rejoices to call YOU His child. He has written your story, and the best way to learn what that comes from asking His forgiveness for your sins and brokenness and letting Him direct your paths. He will fill you with hope and give you a future. He is the light of the darkest parts of my life and guides me through when I am lost.

Hoping your heart is His,



Summer fun

Hello friends!

It has been far too long since we have spoken. You are a sight for sore eyes and we are so glad you stopped by. A lot has changed  in the last few months.
We spent April and May at Rainbow Christian Camp in Converse, Indiana. We have approximately 3 more weeks of our language class with Charlotte Nheta. Bart will have an extension on his other class until early July.

Since we last spoke with you, we successfully moved from Dallas, TX to Converse, IN and Converse to Indianapolis, Indiana. We left our teammates Eric, Melissa and Sophia Davis in Dallas (more recently they moved to St. Louis, Missouri to finish support raising.) Bart and Bruce drove from Dallas to Converse, adding a couple stops in New Orleans and Alabama, as well as Tennessee. The kids and I flew with Pamie and spent the next few days in the dome at the camp. The surplus of rain gave us more water than we expected inside the building, so we lived with Pamie until Bart arrived and we returned to the dome. We stayed there until our move to our current house at Ben Davis Christian Church in Indianapolis.

A good friend of ours, Julie Rohrer at Pioneer Bible Translators had some connections to Ben Davis Christian Church in Indy. She suggested we call them about the mission house they rent out. After researching the Ben Davis house and a couple of others we moved in there on the third of June. We could not have imagined the huge blessing it would be when we moved into this fully furnished, 3 bedroom, with a  huge  backyard house in Indy. It puts us a little further from Bart’s family and half an hour closer to mine. The kids love it, and have been adjusting so well that we rewarded them (and ourselves) by spending day two of our time here at the zoo. Our only disappointment (or more, Lucas’s disappointment) was that we weren’t able to see the dinosaurs as they are all extinct. Let us know if you have any connections to seeing live dinos and we will let him know. This beautiful house is our refuge between travels. Thank you Ben Davis Christian Church, and our contact on-site Beth Lockwood for all you have done to give us this place until we leave for France.

As I mentioned earlier, the kids are doing well. Hosanna is just getting over a nearly month-long bout with diarrhea. Did you know that kids can get bacterial infections in their intestines from regional water changes that their bodies aren’t familiar with? After three weeks of no other symptoms but loose movements, we began to fear the worst (infection C Dificil) and after taking her to a walk in clinic were prescribed an antibiotic. Praise God with us that she does not have C Diff, but that she is still getting better. Lucas is getting smarter by the day and is beginning to get irritated that we have not moved to Africa where there are all these snakes and spiders that we keep warning him about. We keep explaining that we just have to keep praying that God will move people to regularly support us financially.

Our family wants you guys, as our prayer and financial partners, to understand how much we value you. We couldn’t be doing what we are doing without you. You are changing lives. When we lived in Dallas, I was extraordinarily blessed to share my testimony with a group of junior high boys and girls. I showed them the short film The Butterfly Circus directed by Nick Vuijicic. If you have the chance you should watch it (free on YouTube). When we finished our discussion some of the girls came up to me and told me how much they wanted to break free of the chains the world was putting on them. At 12 they struggle with things like insecurity, abuse, doubt, fear, and addictions. They daily face oppression against their faith because of things like sexual impurity, homosexuality, drugs and self-hate from their peers.  Because of you and your commitment to serving God through supporting us, these kids were able to hear of the hope and restoration of Jesus Christ. I was able to tell them about the people in West Africa who are excommunicated for their faith and these 12 year olds connected with that. How will you continue to connect with the people of West Africa and ultimately Christ who suffered and died for the lost? Will it be through prayer? Financial support? Will you join us and the Davis’s as we cross the world to share Jesus with the lost and Bible less people of West Africa? We need 42 people at $100 dollars a month before we can begin language school in France. Who do you know that can help us get there? Please help us get connected!

Please contact us through email if you have any questions at

-Andi C

“Sunny with a high of 75″

Some of you may recognize the song lyrics, but hopefully all of you have been able to experience the feeling of the sun on your skin, warming you despite the breeze. That is what yesterday was like here in Dallas. We have had excellent weather, not just in comparison to Tennessee or Indiana (previous homes). There was a record-setting day in the last week as the hottest day in this area. It’s not all lollipops and candy canes, though.

My son, Lucas, (age 2) has a mite of some sort. We are fighting with laundry and creams and shampoos to get rid of them, and the rest of us have treated ourselves as well, for the sake of passing it around. Lucas is the only one with the little red spots, but the poor kid hardly mentions them, except to talk about the “bud bites” on his arms. He’s a trooper, and with God’s help – and a little more shampoo and cream, we ought to be done with this in another week.

Andi and I finished up the semester, and we made it out getting our class work done on the last day, in the last minute, before the assignments closed for online submission. It was a tense time, but we are in the midst of the semester break and soaking up time with our kids and each other.

Hosanna has made some progress of her own. She has not cut any teeth yet, though she “gums” (chews) my fingers every time my hand is near her face. On the other hand, she decided a couple days ago that she had toyed with the idea long enough and sat up all on her own! She is doing so great now, after just a couple days, able to play with a toy in each hand and not tip over right away! It is so great to see the way God designed our bodies to learn and develop, and to be able to watch it first-hand like this.

Thanks to all of you who have been part of our ministry, through prayer and/or financial giving. We want to send out a special thank you to those of you connected with James & Lisa Litsey’s supporting church, who decided to gift us with Christmas presents this year from the IN/KY area. Thank you SO much!!

Please keep praying with us as we continue this stage of ministry. We are enjoying our friends here in Texas, and we are glad to be moving along through the time of schooling. Please also keep praying for more ministry partners (those gifted with prayer and those gifted with wealth) to share their gifts with us as long-term partners with Pioneer Bible Translators. God bless you.

Please be in touch with us. Leave a comment, send an e-mail, send Andi some Oreos 🙂 or call us and keep us up to date on your lives. Let us know if you have any questions about our ministry, support, our prayer team, or anything else. We would love to hear from you!

Oh, and Merry Christmas! (Even if it is sunny and 75 degrees, we can still celebrate Christmas…it wasn’t snowy white when Jesus was born in Bethlehem either).


Pioneer Bible Translators
Dallas, TX 75236
(765) 506-4413

Abundant life

This last week has been interesting for me and my family. God gave us a great opportunity to present our mission dreams of working with Pioneer Bible Translators to a church in Andi’s hometown. We did that, and were on a road trip from there to Chicago the next day doing work for my job (The Cabinet Place). As God worked it out, Andi’s cousin Kayci lost her battle with cancer that evening (Tuesday) while we were meeting with the mission committee of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Andi was able to go from there to the hospital and be with her family that evening. The next morning we had a trip straight to Chicago to unload cabinets at an auction and then back to Converse. So we had plenty of time to think.

It just makes me marvel at the way God works things out. Months ago Andi mentioned that she was afraid of not being around when Kayci died. Her family is very important to her, and we just happened to be in town on a mission trip when that happened. And again, the coming weekend (today) we were planning on being in Richmond again to celebrate with another cousin who is getting married over the summer. So we had travel plans in place earlier, and God arranged that we would be in town for the family to be together. We went to the memorial service, and afterwards Andi was able to go to the bridal shower. All of it worked out well, and here I am reflecting on how big my Creator is. As Keith said during the memorial service, God is here with us helping us through in the middle of a nuclear disaster mixed with earthquake and tsunami damage in Japan, a struggling economy, mixed-up military plans, and non-existent budgets in our government. But God wants a place in our lives, and he arranged our plans more than a month in advance and worked the whole thing out so we would already be in Richmond when the family needed us. Thank God for his all-knowing power.

Trying to make sense of God, his timing, and why he chooses to arrange things so we, his creation, can enjoy life. Shouldn’t it be all about God and what He wants? Ultimately, yes, and so we serve him with our life. But he wants us to have LIFE, and life MORE abuntantly.